Open Call for Library Instruction Sessions

Instructors, does your course have a research component? If so, consider scheduling a library instruction session! From evaluating resources to advanced search techniques to proper citation, a library instruction session teaches students to locate and use information properly and effectively.

To request an instruction session for your class, please complete this form or email the instruction librarian. Computer lab space is limited, so book early to ensure you are able to reserve your preferred dates.

Students, do you need help with your research? You can schedule small group or individual library instruction sessions and get one-on-one help from a librarian! Complete this form, email the instruction librarian or just stop by the library and a librarian will be able to help.


Schedule Library Instruction Today!

If your course has a research component, consider having a USF Reference Librarian come speak about all the great things the library can do for you and your students. From evaluating resources to advanced search techniques, a library instruction session helps students understand what good research is and how to improve their ability to locate and use the necessary information. To request a librarian come speak to your class, please complete this form, or email the instruction team. Instruction sessions are often best when interactive and computer lab space is limited so book early to ensure you are able to reserve your preferred dates.

Students, did you know you can schedule private or small group library instruction sessions as well? Complete this form, email the instruction team or just stop by the library and a librarian will be able to help you or your group.

Two New Video Tutorials

Fresh from the cutting room are two new video tutorials to help you better use the library and its resources.

The first, Registering Your Barcode/Activating Your Library Card, explains where to find the form that many distance students, and some on campus students need to have their library cards activated in the library’s system. Without a registering for a barcode, students are unable to borrow books from USF or other I-Share libraries. The short video explain in two simple steps where the barcode registration form is on the USF Library website, and what to expect once you have completed the form.

The second new video at USF Library is designed to walk users through setting up an account within I-Share, which will allow you to borrow items from other I-Share libraries. Even if you’ve borrowed books through I-Share previously, you will still need to create a new account, as the account system they use has changed over the summer.

More videos on how to best use the library’s resources are on their way. Keep your eyes out for them, and let us know if you have an idea you think should be made into a video tutorial.

Faculty Schedule Library Instruction Sessions Now!

It’s getting to be that time where we need to start focusing on the looming Fall Semester. Here at the library, that means getting ready to handle the steady influx of requests for library instruction. If you are considering a library instruction session this fall semester, please contact the Instruction Librarian as soon as possible. Available slots are filling quickly and we want to make sure we can get you in early enough in the semester to be useful to your students with their research assignments. To see if your desired time is available, please check the Instruction available USF Library Instruction Google Calendar.

We can tailor the sessions to include any library  or research based information you like. In the past, sessions have included:

  • Overview of the USF Library website
  • Explanation of where to look for articles vs where to look for books
  • Explanation of citing resources
  • Advanced searching techniques
  • Media literacy AKA why Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source
  • Evaluating found resources, including non-library websites
  • Paraphrasing vs plagiarism
  • Citation management tools
  • Shortcuts to save you time

If you’d like to schedule a library instruction session please fill out the Library Instruction Request Form. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the form and then a second confirmation once rooms have been booked for the session, if necessary.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a librarian.

Small Group Library Instruction

Have a paper due and your prof told you that you need 5 peer review resources?

Having a hard time figuring out which articles are considered systematic reviews?

Are you and a few of your classmates unsure where to start your research?

To better serve our students, they can now request small group instructional sessions with a librarian to have their library questions answered.  Fill out the schedule a group library instruction form available on the “Services for On Campus Students Page” under services by population on the Library homepage and you can have your questions answered by a librarian in person and spend some time learning how to use the library to its fullest. Instruction sessions can help you on all steps of a research assignment, from narrowing a research topic to formatting a reference page, contact the instruction librarian to see if your questions could be answered through a small group session.

Schedule Spring 2010 Library Instruction Sessions

Faculty members have already begun to schedule their library instruction presentations for the upcoming Spring 2010 semester. Most classes are designed with these presentations occurring early on in the class and ensure that all instructors who wish to have a librarian speak to their class are able to do so, please check your syllabi for the best dates and email the instruction librarian with a few options. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice.

Presentations differ based on student status, assignments and the course so if possible please include a copy of your syllabus with the email. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact a librarian and they will assist you.

In Class Library Instruction

Knowledge of how to use the databases is crucial for helping students develop well written papers. If you are interested in having a librarian come present in your class  fill out the instruction request form available here.

If you are a student, or group of students, and are interested in instruction on how to use the databases and library resources please email the instruction librarian. Walk in instruction session are welcome, but if extensive instruction is requested, please schedule an appointment via email. Office hours are available Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm.