Would you like to try an iPad?

The Library has 35 iPads to loan so if you are looking to try one out or use a set for a class activity, now is the time!  The iPads have many useful apps such as Khan Academy, Dropbox, Evernote, iMovie, and many others. If there is an app that you would like to see that Library add to the iPads, please let us know.  We are happy to add any apps that increase the functionality of the iPads. So why would you want to use an IPad?  As tablets and other hand held devices become more prevalent, it can be beneficial to learn how to use this technology.

So how long can they be used for? Individually, students can check out an iPad for 3 weeks while faculty and staff have a 6 week check out period.  This allows people to have a good length of time to learn how to use all the functions of the iPad. The iPads come in a pouch that contains a charging cord and plug.

So how does someone get the classroom set? At this time, the classroom set is only available to professors and staff.  The classroom set can be checked out for 2 days but this is flexible depending on the needs of the class.  We have a rolling trunk that can carry many iPads if needed so portability can been taken care of.  In order to check out a classroom set, we request that the circulation desk be contacted to reserve the set.  This helps the Library make sure there are enough sets for everyone and get them ready to be picked up when needed.  The circulation desk can be contacted at circulation@stfrancis.edu or 815-740-3690.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Library at circulation@stfrancis.edu or 815-740-3690.