New Service: RefWorks

We know that one of the worst parts about writing a paper is the tedium of creating your reference list or bibliography. One class wants you to use MLA, another wants APA and you can never remember if the date goes before or after the title, and is the title of the article supposed to go in quotes or not?

USF Library’s newest resource, RefWorks, is here to make your life easier. RefWorks works with the databases to import citations of articles you find, creates libraries and folders of imported citations and then allows you to export a properly formatted reference list from your citation library. What’s more, is that RefWorks has a small program that you can download onto your computer called Write-n-Cite that installs itself into Microsoft Word and will insert your in-text citations, properly formatted, into your paper with just a few clicks of your mouse.

RefWorks is available wherever you are, no more being tied to a single computer or browser like with Zotero and has some added functionalities that makes for a more user-friendly experience.

Setting up an account is simple, just click the link below and get started. Off campus users will have to login to their MyUSF portal before creating an account.

Get started with RefWorks


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