Video Clips OK’d In Classrooms for All Subjects

Previously, only media studies classes were allowed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to show film clips in their classrooms. Thanks to a recent update on exemptions to the DMCA by the Librarian of Congress, now all faculty and university instructors are able to show film clips in their classrooms without violating copyright laws relating to public viewing. The new ruling states that all faculty and university instructors can willfully and lawfully circumvent the Content Scrambling System on DVD’s for teaching purposes.

This does not, however, grant faculty privileges to put clips of videos or films they do not have rights to online or to make use to illegally obtained videos in the classroom. If you have questions on the legality of your use of video in the classroom, please speak with a librarian and we will do our best to guide you in terms of your allowances as an educator.


Faculty Schedule Library Instruction Sessions Now!

It’s getting to be that time where we need to start focusing on the looming Fall Semester. Here at the library, that means getting ready to handle the steady influx of requests for library instruction. If you are considering a library instruction session this fall semester, please contact the Instruction Librarian as soon as possible. Available slots are filling quickly and we want to make sure we can get you in early enough in the semester to be useful to your students with their research assignments. To see if your desired time is available, please check the Instruction available USF Library Instruction Google Calendar.

We can tailor the sessions to include any library  or research based information you like. In the past, sessions have included:

  • Overview of the USF Library website
  • Explanation of where to look for articles vs where to look for books
  • Explanation of citing resources
  • Advanced searching techniques
  • Media literacy AKA why Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source
  • Evaluating found resources, including non-library websites
  • Paraphrasing vs plagiarism
  • Citation management tools
  • Shortcuts to save you time

If you’d like to schedule a library instruction session please fill out the Library Instruction Request Form. You will receive confirmation of receipt of the form and then a second confirmation once rooms have been booked for the session, if necessary.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a librarian.