Change in Library Hours for Easter Holiday

The library will be operating under reduced hours in obsevance of the Easter Holiday. The hours for April 1- April 4 will be as follows:

  • Thursday, April 1- 7:45am-4:30pm
  • Friday, April 2- Closed
  • Saturday, April 3- Closed
  • Sunday, April 4- Closed
  • Monday, April 5- Resume normal hours, opening at 7:45am.

If you have questions regarding the hours USF Library will be open during the Easter Holiday, please feel free to speak with  a USF Librarian.


Health Care Reform Resources

A few resources to help you understand what the Health Care Reform Bill contains and what that means to you.

*As of this posting, the information in the Wikipedia article was accurate and thorough. Changes made since the posting cannot be confirmed.

Internet Explorer 6 Becoming Unsupported

While once the dominant web browser Internet Explorer 6 is becoming largely unsupported by many websites, making upgrading to a newer version of IE, or another free browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, important. YouTube is one of the biggest upcoming websites to drop IE6 with the browser becoming unsupported on March 13th.

If you use IE and are unsure what version you are running, open Internet Explorer and click the Help option at the top of the screen, then choose, About Internet Explorer. Here it will tell you what version you are running.